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Jura Skye Yoga

Strengthen Challenge Grow

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About Skye

Skye is interested in growing students’ yoga practice by way of establishing and aligning viewpoint (darshana), practice (sadhana), and intention (phala). Helping students to (re)discover a balance between strength and softness,  to develop a synergistic relationship with discomfort, and to embrace challenge is the focal point of Skye’s Vinyasa classes. Skye encourages her students to invite grace into the experience of discomfort during challenging postures and transitions therein experiencing the ease and fluidity emerging from this practice. Skye teaches aligned vinyasa  flow classes. Skye’s alignment cueing of muscle actions coupled with an energetic awakening of the body-mind-breath connection inform student exploration of mobility, flexibility, and strength. In this way, Skye curates classes that invite the practitioner to experience the energy lines of the poses that cultivate an awareness from the inside out. Skye is a lifelong student of yoga above all else. Strengthen Challenge, Grow is her mantra. Love yourself, practice yoga.

Musings of the Mind

Contact me to find out more about my approach to yoga and how it can serve you on your journey to wellness, inner peace, and a life of fluidity and freedom.

Thank you! See you on the mat!





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