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My Journey to Yoga

I discovered yoga through a prenatal practice during the pregnancy of my second child, Silas. The teacher of the prenatal class, who has become her guru, awoke me to the wisdom that lives inside the heart. Yoga is a return to being, a remembrance of the true nature of life. This resonance of the heart, which echoes as an internal, infinite hum, has unveiled the path of yoga and inspired the self-inquiry around the integration of my internal landscape with the external world. This practice beckons me into an abiding awareness revealing the felt sense of the expansive love of the universe, the pulse of life that swirls in every being, that wanders through every living cell. 

Spanda, the delicate dance of balance between opposites, the interweaving of expansion and contraction, the interplay of light and dark, the ceaseless seamless exchange between gravity and levity, the intertwining of sky-soaring Shiva and earth-rooted Shakti, this eternal spiraling steadiness of opposite forces in unity is yoga. Attuning to the song of the universe, the cry of creation, the melodious rush of life is yoga, and that is what Skylar wishes to share with others. Embodying this truth, acting in authenticity, amusing at existence itself creates a life of joy and fulfillment.


I am a certified RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance and continue to study through workshops and trainings, assisting other yoga teachers, and most importantly, through my practice. Yoga is the experience, the doing, the practice, the here and now of being, the embodiment of spanda.

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Musings of the Mind

Yoga at Home


Yoga is for every body, every person regardless of physical fitness. Contact me to find out more about my approach to yoga and how it can serve you on your journey to wellness and inner peace, and a life of fluidity and freedom.

Thank you! See you on the mat!

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