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Integrating Yoga with Daily Living

Outdoor Garden Yoga | Aligned Vinyasa Flow

Outdoor Garden Yoga | Aligned Vinyasa Flow

Come hOMe to your heart, return to presence, create space in your mind and body at this idyllic garden setting.

Experience the soft grass beneath your feet and the vast sky above, as the meditative movement of breath and body evolve in this outdoor vinyasa flow.

Class opens with a short grounding meditation, centering into presence and connecting to the breath. The movement builds into creative sequencing based on accessibility, alignment, and function. Through the exploration of placing our bodies in these various poses, we become more intimate with who we are and ask the deeper questions about why we are here.

Allowing the breath to guide us, we invite our attention back to abiding presence, even as we face the physical challenge of movement. In this way, we approach our yoga practice with the curiosity of self-inquiry.

Vinyasa in Sanskrit means to place (arrange) in a special way. So, as we move through the asanas (poses), we find the fluidity of energy, the flow of practice. All culminates in savasana, where we allow the integration of our practice to manifest.

All levels are welcomed and encouraged. Please bring a mat, any props that you like to use, and a face mask. Sometimes the mornings are chilly, so you may wish to bring a cover-up or blanket for savasana.

Sundays 10:00AM-11:30AM


HOME Restaurant
3101 N. Main Street
Soquel, CA 95073

Private Yoga Session

Private Yoga Session

Curate an individualized practice, create a sanctuary space for a small group of friends, cultivate inner and outer healing, or elevate your practice through exploration of new pathways in private yoga sessions.

Aligned Vinyasa Flow In-Studio+Live Stream

Aligned Vinyasa Flow In-Studio+Live Stream

Cultivate a connection with your center of gravity, your origin of energy and allow it to power your flow. Let go of the gripping, the hanging on to old habits, the stories that leaden our souls. Be in your breath, in your body, balanced. With grace and agility, allow yourself to explore your true nature, unfurl your fragility and offer it up with compassion. Impassioned and brave, mindfully moving, acutely aware, we weave our breath through our bodies, our minds, our hearts and we start to live on purpose.

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