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Winter Wander Within

Winter wander within

lingering under the skin

swimming through cells

diving down pipelines



depths of being

into this body

down and around

expanding inside out

and the more inward my gaze

the thinner the armor

wielded to the world

in the edgeless war

of us against them

fending off courage and peace,

fueling the fearful beast

that lines our battle coats

fighting for our suffering


to stay caged


curling in,

hiding our sins

building this fortress

of fear

of the other

the unknown

of those not yet grown into shadows

of samskaras

living for tomorrow

grieving from our sorrows

of a lost yesterday

my warrior goddess slain

heart humming in pain

blood staining the stone

I lost you, yesterday,

and today, I relive the losing,

the bereavement, bereft of you

searching for that small child, young girl

furled in my womb



I’m here

in this cave of consciousness

huge nude caverns

arched above and around me,

echoing in loss

engulfed in silence

timeless space housed

with just enough light

to know darkness

and I

take my seat


listening for her

for you

for my warrior goddess

to arise

from inside


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