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Musings On An Aeroplane

Oh Clouds!

Fascia of the sky

Reuniting us to wonder

at your sparse expanse

How you, Dear Sky,

are Earth’s womb

our prana of presence

swaddled in your

blue grace

Sky Father, ceiling

of life

il cielo and, before your sex, caelum

divine one

Edgeless clouds,

perpetual fading in and out

a disappearing act

a placeholder for dreams

a net for wonder

And we, us, life

underneath your folding

and unfolding

swirling in and out of perception

It is, you are, the grace of being

the art of seeing inside

that abiding love

within us

beneath the crust of catastrophe

the breaking of boundaries



stripped bare

to blue

like you, on a cloudless,

sunny day

bone bare sky,

hiding up high

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